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About Us
(Our Background & Philosophy)

Naturally, if you are contemplating the purchase of one of our airplanes, you might want to know a little more about us. Shamrock Aircraft Sales is a stocking aircraft dealer. This is important to you, because when you purchase one of our airplanes, you know we had the confidence to put our own money in it. All of the aircraft we have for sale are either owned by us, or brokered under an exclusive contract and based here at Monroe for the term of the agreement. This is the only way we will broker, because it gives us the flexibility to give you the registration number of the airplane and have the logs available so that we can accurately answer any questions you may have about the aircraft. When we tell you about one of the planes we have for sale, we are talking about an airplane that we have been able to see and touch. And, due to our many years of experience with light aircraft, you can rely on our evaluation of condition. This contrasts with brokers who in many cases are located hundreds of miles from the airplanes they are selling, and who are using someone else's description to sell the airplane to you. No one has the time or money to throw away on a wild goose chase to look at a misdescribed airplane, and this is the best way we know of to prevent such a disappointment. We absolutely do not want to cause a prospective buyer to spend his time and money traveling to see an airplane that is not at all what he had in mind. That policy is not totally altruistic -- we don't want to waste our time on a born-to-lose adventure either. For that reason, we will try to provide you with as much information, as accurately as we possibly can, before the first dollar is spent.

It is not our goal to be the biggest dealer on the block. We want to be proud of what we sell, and we work hard at finding good airplanes that we can offer at competitive prices. We feel that a large sales organization, in the strong market we have today, will ultimately have to make compromises in the quality of its airplanes in order to keep inventory high enough to produce a living for the sales and support staff. That is why we prefer to stay small and flexible. And that is why, when you call Shamrock Aircraft Sales, the only person you will talk to is a principal who has the knowledge and authority to accurately present the airplane and agree upon the terms of sale.

We have been in the airplane business, buying and selling mostly new, late model, or premium older single engine Cessnas since 1967. We have sold over 2000 units, and have made many good friends and repeat customers in the process. Whether you're a first-time buyer, or someone more seasoned, we would be happy to talk about our experiences with pre-buy inspections, delivery, financing insurance, consignments and trades or any other aviation topic you might have an interest in discussing. If we don't have the answer, we can probably refer you to someone who does.

We are located at Monroe Airport (KEFT), Monroe, Wisconsin, airline accessible from Madison or Chicago. Our office is staffed from 10AM to 6PM Tuesday through Saturday, (608) 328 3281 and at other times by chance or appointment.

"Talking airplanes" is our business, so don't hesitate to call if you have anything you'd like to discuss! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!